Defense-in-Depth Protection for Critical Network Infrastructure

Defense in Depth is a strategy employed by the U.S.government and military to achieve Information Assurance in the highly networked environment of today. One of the primary focus areas is the defense of the physical layer, or infrastructure components of the network. The VANGUARD™ Fiber Optic Network Monitoring System uses patented technology to detect unauthorized tampering with or degradation of critical network infrastructure.

VANGUARD was developed with technology and functionality similar to our INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System, a network security product developed in 2003 to meet government standards for the protection of classified network infrastructure. Since then, INTERCEPTOR has been deployed across the globe and has experienced tens of millions of port-hours protecting U.S. government classified networks up to the highest levels of data classification. We developed VANGUARD in response to private enterprise requirements for Layer 1 protection, as we do not make INTERCEPTOR available outside of the U.S. government and military.

Organizations are facing growing risks and threats to their data security and network availability. Until now, network defense in the private sector has been focused on data and cyber security, with the security of the physical layer of the network left unattended and thus vulnerable to harmful events. Such events may range from:
  • Errant maintenance activities, which may inadvertently damage a network cable
  • Deliberate, covert acts intended to disrupt service, or capture proprietary information using readily accessible eavesdropping technology.
At a time when political terrorism and industrial espionage are occurring at a greater frequency, and with the continued widespread deployment of network infrastructure within publicly accessible areas, the threat level warrants the investment in layered counter measures, which take into consideration the physical layer.

The VANGUARD™ Fiber Optic Network Monitoring System ensures the integrity and availability of your network data by performing 24/7/365 continuous monitoring of critical network infrastructure. VANGUARD detects and reports any changes or behavior that would indicate tampering with the cable system as a precursor to an attack or damage that could degrade network performance or availability. Essentially, VANGUARD identifies potentially harmful events before they are carried out, thereby drastically reducing the cost and risk to an organization.

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